WoE: Ukraine going in the right direction

September 16, 2019

Ukraine has a new president and parliament. A raft of reformist legislation has been passed in just the first two weeks and the hectic agenda calls for a lot more by the end of the year. But many questions remain unanswered. So far investment has flooded into the local bond market and yields have

WoE: Ozon battling it out in Russia’s e-commerce race for market share

September 3, 2019

Russia’s e-commerce is booming, growing ten-times faster than the traditional economy but it still only accounts for 4.5% of the total retail turnover. But as the leading online retailers start over taking their bricks and mortar rivals the race is on to grab as much market share as possible befor

WoE: Russian stock market has been flying but can it last, with Jacob Grapengiesser of East Capital

August 15, 2019

Russia’s stock market is up over 20% YTD making it one of the best performing markets in the world. The RTS also finally broke out of its 900-1300 trading band where it has been stuck for most of the last five years since the annexation of Crimea. And Russian stocks pay the highest dividends in th

WoE: Banking on change in Lviv with Ashot Abrahamyan, chairman of the management board of Bank Lviv

August 9, 2019

Bank Lviv is a medium sized bank in the beautiful city of Lviv in western Ukraine and unusually, it is owned by Icelander Margeir Petursson, who is also a former world chess champion. As a man who obviously understands strategy, Petursson has bet on the growth of the small and medium-sized enterpris

WoE: Is EM dying as an asset class? The fund business is consolidating as the line between EM and DM blurs with Albin Rosengren of East Capital

July 30, 2019

After nearly three decades many of the emerging markets have already more or less emerged. Russia, for example, is already classed as a high income market by the UNDP. The changes are being felt in the fund business too where there is a process of consolidation going on. The Stockholm based East

WoE Repairing Privatbank with Anna Samarina, CFO of Privatbank

July 5, 2019

Once Ukraine’s biggest commercial bank, the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) nationalised Privatbank in December 2016 and poured money into a huge hole left in the balance sheet after the former owners drained it of cash. A new team was installed in the now state-owned owned bank that are tasked

WoE: Putin - the man without a plan

June 20, 2019

Russia has rock solid fundamentals and some  of the best macroeconomic numbers in the world as part of president Vladimir Putin’s efforts to build a financial fortress to insulate Russia from western sanctions. But at the same time real incomes have been stagnant for six years, the propensity

WoE The nationalisation of Privatbank with ex NBU governor Valaria Gontareva

June 14, 2019

Ukraine is facing a very nasty crisis. Several courts have ruled that the formerly largest commercial bank in the country, Privatbank that was nationalised in December 2016, should be given back to its former owner, oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky. Valaria Gontareva was the governor of the National Bank

WoE The weaponisation of Russian sovereign debt with Maximilian Hess and Harish Natarajan of AKE International

June 5, 2019

Russia has been building a financial fortress by paying down its debt and building up its currency reserves. The result is president Vladimir Putin has made Russia largely sanction proof, but it is not a model that produces growth. On the flip side the US is one of the most powerful countries in

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