WoE Djoomart Otorbaev exPM Kyrgyzstan 2014-15

October 13, 2017

Things are moving very fast in Central Asia. Following the death of Uzbek president Islam Karimov that country is rapidly opening and beginning the process of improving political and economic ties with its neighbours. And this weekend the Kyrgyz go to the polls to choose a new president in a rare

WoE Ian Goldin VP World Bank, Prof Globalisation and Development at Oxford

October 8, 2017

After a summer hiatus bne IntelliNews podcasts are back from the Rhodes Forum that hosts the Dialogue of Civilisations conference that brings together academics, top politicians and civil activists to discuss the problems of the world.  Our editor-in-chief Ben Aris met with Ian Goldin,

WoE: Gevorg Tarumyan, deputy CEO Ameria Bank, the biggest bank in Armenia

June 6, 2017

Ameria Bank is the biggest bank in Armenia, controlling about a third of the market. The banking sector is recoving well as the region comes out of recession and could IPO soon.  bne IntelliNews editor-in-chief Ben Aris sat down with Gevorg Tarumyan, the deputy CEO of Ameria Bank to talk abo

WoE: Wither the ruble and Russia's reforms? Sergey Guriev, EBRD chief economist

May 19, 2017

Where is the ruble headed this year? The outlook is particularly unclear as both oil prices and the Kremlin’s economic strategy remain volatile. At the same time Russia is about to adopted a long-term economic reform strategy, but there is a big debate within the Kremlin on which direction is best

WoE: The development of capital markets in CEE remains a mixed bag - Andre Kuusvek, local currency and capital markets development at EBRD

May 15, 2017

The development of capital markets in emerging Europe remains a mixed bag and is incomplete across the board. However, a lot of progress has been made and these markets will play a crucial role in spurring the development of countries in the region.  bne IntelliNews editor-in-chief Ben Aris

WoE: Ukraine is playing to its strong suits and tech is one of the best - Olga Afanasyeva, director of Ukraine's Venture Capital Association

May 12, 2017

Ukraine has a couple of strong suits it can play to and high tech is one its best. Already a player on the international market, Urkaine has become a hub for software development.  bne IntelliNews editor-in-chief Ben Aris sat down with Olga Afanasyeva, director of Ukraine's Venture Capital A

WoE: CEE on path to recovery, but the good times won't be back soon - Gunter Deuber, Head of Economics at Raiffeisen Bank International

April 18, 2017

The worst of the crisis is fading and CEE banks are on the path to recovery. However, the boom of the noughties will not repeat itself anytime soon and some countries, especially in eastern Europe, are still struggling to shake off bad debt and being held back by the lack of reform.  bne Int

WoE: Invest in Ukraine - Daniel Bilak, director of UkraineInvest on the opportunities on offer in Ukraine

March 31, 2017

Ukraine's untold story is the western firms that are quietly setting up in the west of the country to take advantage of the winning combination of low wages and a highly skilled work force. A small auto-parts sector has already emerged to supply factories in western Europe as the country launches it

WoE Romania's Protest - another Maidan or step closer to western Europe? with Clare Nuttall, bne IntelliNews SE bureau chief

February 10, 2017

Half a million Romanians took to the street last weekend to protest against laws legalising government corruption and more protests are expected to happen this weekend. Is the country about to be plunged into a violent revolution or is it burnishing its democratic credentials?  bne IntelliNe

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