Window on the East: Central Europe stuck in the middle with you

October 9, 2016

Austria is uncomfortable with the way that the EU is being run, but surrounded by EU members it can't and won't leave. bne IntelliNews Editor-in-chief talks with former Austrian Chancellor Alfred Gusenbauer about where the trade club can go from here. Ben Aris, Editor-in-chief bne Inte

Window on the East: Is the EU project in danger of falling apart?

October 6, 2016

The countries of Central Europe are unhappy with the direction the EU is taking, but lying at the heart of Europe none of them are willing to do an Exit.  bne IntelliNews editor-in-chief Ben Aris talks to Vaclav Klaus, the second president of the Czech Republic 2003-2013, about the

Window on the East: Russia votes for a new Duma. Will it results in protests or status quo?

September 15, 2016

Russians go to the polls on September 18 to vote for a new Duma. The result is a foregone conclusion, but vote rigging in the previous parliamentary elections ended in mass street protests. What is on the cards this time round bne IntelliNews' editor-in-chief Ben Aris talks to Professor Mark

Window on the East: Will Ukraine win the difficult fight with corruption?

September 5, 2016

Ukraine is struggling with a fight against the endemic corruption. Progress has been slow and its western donors are getting impatient. Can it succeed?  bne IntelliNews' editor-in-chief talks to Ukrainian activists and leading independent journalist Kateryna Kruk and Hromadske

Window on the East: Will Russia invade Ukraine and what is Putin's game

August 25, 2016

Russia is building up its military forces on Ukraine’s border. Will it invade this time, or is this all part of a geopolitical dance ahead of the G20 summit in China on September 4th? bne IntelliNews editor-in-chief Ben Aris talks to Swedish economist and senior fellow at the Atlantic Council i

Window on the East: What to make of Turkey's bungled coup?

July 18, 2016

As the dust settles in Turkey following a failed military coup, bne IntelliNews Editor-in-Chief Ben Aris speaks to our correspondents to make sense of what happened. Has the failed coup strengthened President Erdogan's hand as he creeps closer to his long-term goal of an executive presidency? Who

Window On The East: Investing in Iran with Sturgeon Capital

July 14, 2016

How about Iran as investment destination? With sanctions lifted and moderate president Hassan Rouhani installed, Iran is increasingly seen as an investable market. bne IntelliNews' Editor-At-Large Liam Halligan speaks with Sturgeon Capital founder Clemente Cappello and Kiyan Zandiyar, their Ir

Window on the East: "Did Vladimir Putin want Brexit?"

July 8, 2016

Did Vladimir Putin want Brexit? Has the UK electorate handed the Kremlin a significant geopolitical gain? What does Britain's historic decision to leave the European Union mean for the Russian economy - and the prospect of the EU lifting sanctions? And why are some investment banks now describing Ru

Window on the East: What to make of Brexit?

July 7, 2016

Prague-based Managing Editor Nicholas Watson and Kateryna Kruk, who is based in Kiev, join Editor-at-Large Liam Halligan to discuss Brexit. How is the UK's historic decision to leave the European Union viewed in Ukraine, and also across the Visegrad countries - Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Sl

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