WoE Natalya Kaspersky president of InfoWatch GB

WoE Natalya Kaspersky president of InfoWatch GB

By bne IntelliNews October 20, 2017

Russia has become infatuated with tech and Natalya Kasperskaya has been there from the beginning. She is one of Russia’s top businesswomen and a co-founder of anti-virus powerhouse Kaspersky Labs, which she set up with her former husband in 1994.

However, following their separation ten years ago, she went into business for herself, founding InfoWatch which provides B2B and G2B internet security based on the idea of using anti-spam software backwards to prevent info leaks.

Today InfoWatch has half the Russian market for providing data security and includes many of Russia’s major corporates — everyone from Lukoil to Sberbank

Kasperskaya has a blue chip CV: she has a higher degree in maths from Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics; she has won Kommersant’s top Russian manager award twice; she is one of the ten richest women in Russia; and, she sits on the presidential tech advisory council.

Ben Aris, editor-in-chief of bne IntelliNews

Natalya Kaspersky president of InfoWatch Group of companies 

WoE Natalya Kaspersky president of InfoWatch GB bne Intellinews

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