WoE:​The coming European recession - how bad will it get?

WoE:​The coming European recession - how bad will it get?

By bne IntelliNews October 14, 2022

The energy crisis and soaring inflation is going to tip Europe into recession this year, but how bad will it get?

join us as we delve into the possibilities and see how Emerging Europe will survive this next recession.


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WoE:​The coming European recession - how bad will it get? bne Intellinews

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Liam Peach - Senior Emerging Markets Economist - Capital Economics

Liam works with Capital Economics and specializes in macroeconomic research, analysis and forecasts on emerging markets, with focus on Russia, Turkey and CEE.


Tomas Dvorak - Senior Economist - Oxford Economics

Tomas has worked with Deloitte and KPMG in the past. His focus is macroeconomics and Macro econometric modelling & forecasting using high-frequency data, economic policy and computational economics. Additionally, he has experience working with the European Parliament.


Ben Aris, Editor-in-Chief, bne IntelliNews

Ben is an Eastern Europe specialist. He previously worked with the Daily Telegraph, The Wall Street Journal and Euromoney before starting bne IntelliNews and covering EE and CEE.



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