ING: So what is a greenium and how do we get to it?

bne IntelliNews June 11, 2021

The existence of a "greenium" is mostly justified by higher demand for green bonds. We estimate the greenium for each curve separately, ensuring it is not polluted by other factors such as sector or maturity.

Russian internet major Yandex outlines ESG goals

bne IntelliNews June 11, 2021

Among Yandex's ESG priorities are reducing its carbon footprint, mainly from data centres and fuel use.

Central bank says 50% of Romanian bank loans bear climate change risk

bne IntelliNews June 10, 2021

Central bank official warns over banks' climate risk, saying 25.4% of non-government credits finance polluting businesses.

bneGREEN: IEA calls for $1 trillion of annual investment into clean energy in developing economies

Richard Lockhart in Edinburgh June 9, 2021

Private finance is crucial if emerging economies are not to be left behind in the race to net zero, the IEA warns.

More than half of North Macedonia’s banks start providing green loans

Valentina Dimitrievska in Skopje June 9, 2021

Most commercial banks in North Macedonia aim to increase the share of green loans in their portfolios, central bank survey finds.

ING: The corporate premium in green finance

Padhraic Garvey is ING’s Regional Head of Research in New York, Benjamin Schroeder is a senior rates strategist at ING in Amsterdam June 9, 2021

There is a cost saving to issuing Green. It varies according to circumstances, but the baseline assumption now is for green yields to be below vanilla ones; not by much, but it's persistent enough.

BneGREEN: Energy Storage develops a low-cost, long-duration energy storage unit based on mineral salts, not lithium batteries

bne IntelliNews June 8, 2021

Australian energy storage specialist, Energy Storage, has unveiled its next generation low-cost, long-duration, energy storage unit that the company says offers the same sort of performance as hydro, but is completely mobile.

Russia to make Far North region of Murmansk a green-tech testing ground

Ben Aris in Berlin June 8, 2021

Russia’s Far North region of Murmansk will become a testing ground for “green” technologies as the Kremlin starts to ramp up its efforts to tackle the climate crisis after a slow start.

bneGREEN: European Commission provides €1bn funding boost for 72 Green Deal research projects

Richard June 6, 2021

The European Commission has selected 72 research and innovation projects that will receive €1bn in funding to support the aims of the Green Deal.

bneGREEN: Surging iron prices are driving up carbon costs for the producers

bne IntelliNews June 3, 2021

Iron prices have surged to nine-year highs in the post-COVID commodities boom that got underway at the end of last year, but that is now pushing up the cost of carbon for producers and eating into their profits.