Slovenia reports strong growth in ICT sector

bne IntelliNews September 18, 2023

Enterprises in the sector generated €742mn more net turnover and €216mn more value added year on year in 2022.

EU’s crisis funds depleted by climate-related chaos

bne IntelliNews September 13, 2023

With a 400% increase in requests for emergency aid over the past two years, Commissioner for Crisis Management Lenarcic argued the EU's disaster response budget is insufficient.

Southeast Europe leaders pledge to speed up EU integration process

Denitsa Koseva in Sofia September 11, 2023

Leaders of Slovenia, Croatia and the six Western Balkans countries will commit to reforms to improve the prospects for the Western Balkan states to join the EU by 2030.

Skoda Auto halts production at Czech site after floods in Slovenia

Albin Sybera in Ljubljana September 11, 2023

Flood damages to KLS Ljubno in Slovenia have already led to the halting of production at Volkswagen’s plant in Portugal.

bneGREEN: EV battery manufacturers plug into Southeast Europe

bne IntelliNews September 11, 2023

Southeast Europe is already home to some high-profile electro-mobility companies. Now, it's becoming a location for battery manufacturing too.

Slovenia reports negative natural population increase in July

bne IntelliNews September 11, 2023

Slovenia has a low birth rate, but its population has been boosted by immigration, even while the natural increase is negative.

Only 11 countries are reducing emissions and all will miss Paris targets - Lancet

bne IntelliNews September 8, 2023

Green growth is not yet happening in any advanced economies – and high-income countries are not on track achieve enough emissions reduction without more far profound changes in consumption.

Slovenia to tax banks to pay for flood reconstruction

bne IntelliNews September 5, 2023

Slovenia needs at least €5bn to pay for recovery and rebuilding after the worst floods in decades killed six people and caused massive damage to homes and businesses.

Volkswagen cuts Wolfsburg plant hours due as Slovenia floods cause parts shortage

Valentina Dimitrievska in Skopje September 4, 2023

Floods in Slovenia, a major auto parts producer, are disrupting Europe's automotive supply chains.

Slovenian floods start disrupting Europe’s automotive supply chain

Valentina Dimitrievska in Skopje August 30, 2023

On the other side of Europe, damage to a Slovenian auto parts factory has already forced Volkswagen to temporarily shut down its plant in Portugal.

Three bidders shortlisted for Czech parcels delivery company Packeta

Albin Sybera August 30, 2023

Private equity firm Advent International, Czech financial group PPF, and Czech energy tycoon Daniel Kretinsky remain among the bidders.

European Council president says Western Balkans and EU should prepare for enlargement by 2030

Valentina Dimitirevska in Skopje August 29, 2023

Charles Michel says a clear goal must be set to enlarge the EU by the end of this decade.

Observation satellite operator Planet Labs buys Slovenia’s Sinergise

bne IntelliNews August 16, 2023

Sinergise brings its Sentinel Hub, a sophisticated, API-driven cloud streaming platform, to the deal with Planet Labs.

12,000 volunteers join Slovenia flood relief operations

Valentina Dimitrievska in Skopje August 14, 2023

Slovenians given day off work to help tackle effects of the country's worst floods in recent history.

Net outflow of migrants from CEE slowing as life at home improves

Ben Aris in Berlin August 8, 2023

Central and Eastern European economies have seen significant net migration outflows over the past few decades, but the trend has started to shift in the last five years as outflows have reduced considerably, Capital Economics reports.

Cost of damage from catastrophic flooding in Slovenia to exceed €500mn

Valentina Dimitrievska in Skopje August 7, 2023

Six dead and extensive damage to homes, farmland and business assets in the worst flooding in the nation's recent history.

Three dead as heavy rain and flooding ravage Slovenia

Valentina Dimitrievska in Skopje August 6, 2023

PM Robert Golob says "catastrophic" floods are the worst natural disaster in history of independent Slovenia.

bneGREEN: Mediterranean presidents unite in appeal for climate action amid catastrophic wildfires

Aida Kadyrzhanova in Almaty August 4, 2023

The Mediterranean Basin has experienced unprecedented scorching heat this summer.

Rucio Investment launches buyout bid for Slovenia’s Datalab

bne IntelliNews August 3, 2023

Luxembourg-based Rucio Investment and Datalab's founder and CEO Andrej Mertelj seek to take over ICT solutions developer.

Slovenia's annual inflation slows to 6.1% in July

bne IntelliNews July 31, 2023

The primary driver of annual inflation was the surge in prices for food and non-alcoholic beverages.