Is Russia putting additional pressure on Belarus to join the war?

bne IntelliNews December 7, 2022

Lukashenko's and Shoigu's latest meeting in Minsk has spurred new fears that Russia may be putting increased pressure on Belarus to join the war by putting boots on the ground.

Hungary blocks joint EU aid to Ukraine at Ecofin meeting

Tamas Csonka in Budapest December 7, 2022

Budapest has been holding up aid for Ukraine as well as EU approval of a minimum corporate tax as part of an attempt to unfreeze €7.5bn of Cohesion Fund money and €5.8bn of Recovery and Resilience Fund cash.

Latvia revokes Russian opposition TV station Dozhd’s broadcasting licence

bne IntelIiNews December 6, 2022

Following an on-air gaffe, Latvia's National Electronic Media Council (NEPLP) has cancelled Dozhd's (Rain's) licence for threatening national security.

Latest Russian missile attack stifled by Ukrainian Air Defence

Dominic Culverwell in London December 6, 2022

Russia fired more than 70 missiles at Ukraine on Monday, December 5, but Ukraine’s air defence unleashed an impressive performance and shot down over 60 projectiles, the Ukrainian Air Force tweeted on December 5.

Global wage growth fails to beat inflation for the first time in 20 years

Statista December 6, 2022

The global inflation crisis paired with lacklustre economic growth and an outlook clouded by uncertainties have led to a decline in real wages around the world, a new report published by the International Labour Organization (ILO) has found.

How well will the EU’s oil embargo on Russia’s seaborne exports work?

Ben Aris in Berlin December 3, 2022

The EU’s oil embargo, contained in the sixth and eighth packages of sanctions, comes into effect on December 5 and is likely to severely disrupt Russia’s oil trade but not stop it.

Putin tells Scholz Russian strikes on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure inevitable, rejects Biden’s call for talks

bne IntelliNews December 2, 2022

Speaking to a Western leader for the first time since September, Russian President Vladimir Putin told German Chancellor Olaf Scholz that Russian strikes on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure were “inevitable,” and rejected US calls for talks.

bneGREEN: Energy efficiency investment turns the corner in 2022, but more is needed

Richard Lockhart in Edinburgh December 2, 2022

Global investment in energy efficiency could rise by 16% to $560bn in 2022, the International Energy Agency said, as governments and consumers respond to fuel supply disruptions and record-high energy prices.

LNG in Europe: ready or not?

Martin Armstrong for Statista December 2, 2022

With the reliable supply of Russian gas to Europe a thing of the past since the eruption of war in Ukraine, many European countries have been scrambling to find alternative sources of energy. Many have turned to LNG.

MOSCOW BLOG: Geography of diplomacy

Ben Aris in Berlin December 1, 2022

Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev was on the road this week making his first diplomatic trips following his re-election and symbolically chose to meet Russia's Putin first, but just as symbolically chose to meet France's Macron the next day.

Nato reaffirms commitment to invite Ukraine to join, promises more economic aid

bne IntelliNews November 30, 2022

Nato members reaffirmed its commitment to the 2008 promise to eventually allow Ukraine to join the military alliance and promised to provide more military and economic aid after Ukraine was plunged into darkness by Russian missiles.

INTERVIEW: Son of sanctioned Vladimir Yakunin goes on trial in Norway for illegally flying drones

Ben Aris in Berlin November 30, 2022

Andrey Yakunin, son of the former head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin, who is sanctioned as a "Kremlin insider", went on trial in Norway on November 29 having been accused of illegally flying drones in Norway.

Ukraine liberates 74,000 square kilometres since Russia’s invasion

Statista November 28, 2022

After the Russian military withdrew to the eastern bank of the Dnipro River in Kherson, the residents of the region that had been under Russian rule for eight months celebrated their liberation by Ukrainian troops, reports Statista.

Russian diamond exports still flowing to Belgium

Statista November 28, 2022

Despite wide-ranging sanctions put in place against Russia since the invasion of Ukraine on February 24, diamonds from the country are still flowing freely into the European Union.

Hungary’s president visits Ukraine for first time

Tamas Csonka in Budapest November 28, 2022

Among Europeans, the proportion of Hungarians blaming Ukraine for the war is the highest.

Ukraine launches "Grain From Ukraine" scheme

Dominic Culverwell in London November 28, 2022

Ukraine launched the "Grain From Ukraine'' scheme on Holodomor Memorial Day, the Kyiv Independent reported on November 27.

Bond investors rush into high yielding bonds on receding EM debt crisis fears, but the polycrisis pressure is still on

Ben Aris in Berlin November 25, 2022

The polycrisis has eased off and the US Fed signalled that it will slow rate hikes as inflation appears to be peaking. That is good news for EM markets and investors have been buying high yielding debt as default fears abate.

Secret Kremlin poll finds dissatisfaction with the Ukraine war rising

Andrey Pertsev for Meduza November 24, 2022

The Kremlin secretly commissioned a series of focus groups to probe public attitudes about the war in Ukraine, and the findings aren’t encouraging for Russia’s president, Meduza reports.

More than 80 Ukrainian Web3 startups raise $1bn over the past four years

East West Digital News in Kyiv November 24, 2022

While Ukraine ranks third worldwide in the 2022 Global Crypto Adoption Index, Web3 startups with roots in this country have raised nearly $1bn in investments over the past four years

Ukraine plunged into darkness as Russia launches a renewed ferocious missile attack on its power stations

Dominic Culverwell in London November 23, 2022

Ukraine braces for its worst winter since World War 2, Kyiv’s Mayor Vitali Klitschko said, as the country suffers another wave of virulent Russian strikes.