CAUCASUS BLOG : What can Biden offer the Caucasus and Stans, all but forgotten about by Trump?

bne IntelIiNews January 19, 2021

Unlike his predecessor, the new US president will at least take an interest in issues such as Georgia's deep divisions, organised crime in the Kyrgyz government and Nagorno-Karabakh. But his in-tray is rather full with other pressing matters.

COVID-19 and Trump’s indifference helped human rights abusers in 2020

bne IntelliNews January 15, 2021

2020 was a bad year for human rights around the world, but the US’ upcoming Biden presidency is an opportunity for change, says Human Rights Watch.

OUTLOOK 2021 Turkmenistan

bne IntelIiNews January 8, 2021

Ordinary people in the country are said to have fallen into a state of Dickensian misery but the president can still find the wherewithal for a giant golden statue of a dog. Plans for equitable economic development are going nowhere fast.

Turkmenistan: How the Grinch stole New Year

Akhal-Teke: Eurasianet December 31, 2020

As the president celebrates, the economic crisis deepened by a coronavirus outbreak he has refused to acknowledge has left his people in a state of Dickensian misery.

Turkmenistan: The dammed united

Akhal-Teke: Eurasianet November 27, 2020

Travel bans, dams and Russian fans. This and more in Eurasianet's weekly Turkmenistan briefing.