Russian consumer demand rises in January on growing real income levels

Ben Aris in London February 21, 2020

Analysts expect incomes to continue to rise this year as President Vladimir Putin has said on many occasions recently that the top priority is to boost income levels in 2020.

Warm weather melts Russian industrial output growth in January

bne IntelliNews February 19, 2020

Russian industrial output growth in January 2020 slowed to 1.1% from 1.7% seen in December, according to the report by Rosstat statistics agency.

Belarus industrial production plunged by 5.8% y/y in January

bne IntelliNews February 18, 2020

The industry production in Belarus plunged by 5.8% year-on-year in January, according to the national statistics agency Belstat.

Vehicle production in Turkey flat at 110,000 units in January

bne IntelliNews February 17, 2020

Passenger car imports leap 102% while vehicle sales the domestic market jump 89% as aggressive monetary easing and looser fiscal policy kick in.

Polish GDP growth eases to just 3.5% y/y in Q4

bne IntelliNews February 17, 2020

Analysts forecast a further slowdown in the first half of 2020.

Russian weekly inflation stable at 0.1%

bne IntelliNews February 14, 2020

Russia’s weekly inflation remained at 0.1% week-on-week on the week of February 10, with the daily inflation slowing to 0.01% after an acceleration over the first few days in February, according to Rosstat statistics agency.

Turkish industrial production beats market forecast at 8.6% y/y in December

bne IntelliNews February 14, 2020

Capital estimates economy expanded 1.5% q/q in Q4 with looser fiscal and monetary policy as drivers. But signs are pressure on lira likely to mount. Central bank expected to hike rates by second half.

Kazakh industrial output up by 4.1% y/y in January

bne IntelliNews February 12, 2020

Kazakhstan's industrial output rose by 4.1% y/y in January, according to figures released by the State Statistics Committee on February 11.

Russia’s inflation at 2.4% in January

bne IntelliNews February 10, 2020

Russia’s consumer price inflation in January 2020 stood at 2.4% year-on-year, Sberbank CIB estimated on February 7 based on official estimate of 0.4% month-on-month inflation for the reporting month.

Polish PMI remains in contraction zone for 15th month straight in January

Wojciech Kosc in Warsaw February 4, 2020

The weak data marks the continuation of the downturn in Poland’s manufacturing segment, despite some improvement in sentiment in European industry.

Turkey PMI suggests year started with industrial production growth running above 5%

bne IntelliNews February 3, 2020

Turkish manufacturing sees a headline survey figure above 50.0 no-change mark for first time in 22 months.

Latvian GDP growth slows to just 1% y/y in Q4

bne IntelliNews February 1, 2020

The result shows a considerable slowdown in Latvian economic growth versus the adjusted growth of 1.8% y/y in the third quarter. A slowdown in manufacturing dragged the economy down.

Polish economic growth eases to 4% in 2019

bne IntelliNews January 30, 2020

The breakdown of the data shows household consumption – the main driver of growth in recent years – weakened last year, as did investment. The figures also point to a sharp y/y deceleration of economic growth in the fourth quarter.

Real disposable income in Russia up by 0.8% in 2019, more hoped for 2020

bne IntelliNews January 29, 2020

Real disposable incomes in Russia increased by 0.8% in 2019, the growth accelerating from 0.1% seen in 2018 and beating the expectations of 0.1% of the Ministry of Economic Development, the latest data released by RosStat statistics agency shows.

Lithuanian retail sales ease growth rate to 3.7% y/y in December

bne IntelliNews January 28, 2020

Sales thus decelerated their growth rate in comparison to the 4.5% annual expansion in the eleventh month. Retail sales have been on an uninterrupted growth track since 2015.

Turkish lira deposit rates below official inflation

Akin Nazli in Belgrade January 28, 2020

Average at local banks fell to 9.60%, lowest recorded in three years.

Hungarian forint slips to all-time low against the euro

Tamas Szilagyi in Budapest January 24, 2020

The Hungarian forint is amongst the worst-performing currencies this year, and its depreciation is forecast to continue thanks to the central bank’s dovish policies.

Russia’s industrial output grew 2.1% on the year in 2019 and 8.9% on the month in December

bne IntelliNews January 24, 2020

Russia’s industrial output grew 2.1% on the year and 8.9% on the month in December after rising 0.3% on the year in November