Lukashenko orders “no arrest” for Belarusian revolutionary pensioner Nina Baginskaya

Ben Aris in Berlin October 21, 2020

Belarus' self-appointed President Alexander Lukashenko has banned his security forces from arresting Belarus’ most famous protester: the 73-year old Nina Baginskaya, who has become an international celebrity for her no-compromise protests.

Belarusians have withdrawn $1.5bn from banks since April

bne IntelliNews October 16, 2020

Belarusians are emptying their accounts of money in the face of a rapidly escalating political and economic crisis. Since April Belarusians have taken out $1.428bn from banks, mostly from their dollar and euro currency accounts.

Tikhanovskaya gives Lukashenko 13 days to quit in a “People’s ultimatum”

Ben Aris in Berlin October 13, 2020

Former English teacher and nominal victor in Belarus’ presidential election Svetlana Tikhanovskaya has announced a “People’s Ultimatum” for Belarus' self-appointed President Alexander Lukashenko to resign within 13 days, or else.

Belarus’ Interior Ministry threatens graffiti artists with 12 years in prison

bne IntelliNews October 13, 2020

Following on from its announcement of the live ammo threat on October 12, the Ministry of the Interior (MVD) released a new threat on October 13: Belarusian graffiti artists face up to 12 years in jail for painting murals on walls.

Minsk taps the Russia-lead EFSD fund for $500mn cash emergency loan

Ben Aris in Berlin October 13, 2020

Belarus tapped the Russia-led Eurasian Fund for Stabilisation and Development (EFSD) for $500mn as its economy continues to suffer from widespread and persistent protests and is running out of money fast

Belarusian Ministry of Interior Affairs threatens to use live ammunition on protesters if demonstrations continue, OMON beat pensioners

bne IntelliNews October 12, 2020

Belarus’ Ministry of Interior Affairs released a statement on October 12 announcing it was willing to use live ammunition and weapons against protesters if they continue in their “radical” manner.

Belarusian protesters brutally beaten as police arrest nearly 600 at Sunday mass rally

Ben Aris in Berlin October 12, 2020

As with each preceding week, the police became a little more brutal, hoping to break spirits.

Belarus says it has postponed the full launch of the first reactor at its Ostrovets nuclear power plant by two years

bne IntelliNews October 11, 2020

Belarus has postponed the full launch of the first reactor at its Ostrovets (aka Astravets) nuclear power plant by two years until 2022.

Belarus’ Lukashenko meets with opposition presidential candidate Babariko in jail to cut a deal?

Ben Aris in Berlin October 11, 2020

Belarus' self-appointed President Alexander Lukashenko met with the jailed opposition leader Viktor Babariko on October 10 in a KGB pre-trial detention centre for 4.5 hours of talks.

Belarusian leaders and activists put on Russia’s wanted list

Ben Aris in Berlin October 8, 2020

Several high-profile Belarusian opposition leaders and activist have been put on the police wanted list in Russia, including Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, the nominal winner of the August 9 presidential elections.

Belarus is the template for Bishkek’s rapid revolution

bne IntelliNews October 7, 2020

After only two days it seems that the Kyrgyzstanis have already moved beyond the Belarusians, who will now look to Bishkek for inspiration in the post-Lukashenko period, if they get that far.

Belarusian opposition leader Tikhanovskaya meets Merkel in Berlin to ask for support

bne IntelliNews October 7, 2020

The pair discussed the plight of the Belarusian people following August's disputed election that left Lukashenko clinging on to power with the use of brute force.

EEU riven by instability from Bishkek to Belarus

Ben Aris in Berlin October 6, 2020

What’s wrong with the Eurasia Economic Union (EEU), the economic block set up by Russia that is a copy of the EU and was supposed to promote stability and prosperity throughout the Eurasian landmass?

Crowds in Minsk disable water cannons at Sunday rallies, call for release of political prisoners

Ben Aris in Berlin October 4, 2020

Crowds in Minsk fought a low-key running battle against water cannon trucks deployed to disrupt the regular Sunday mass marches and even managed to disable a few.

EU imposes sanctions on Belarus.

Ben Aris in Berlin October 3, 2020

The EU has finally imposed sanctions on 40 Belarusian officials accused of organising the brutal police crackdown and general repression on the population during the month-long protests against incumbent President Lukashenko.

The EU summit puts its credibility on the line

Ben Aris in Berlin October 1, 2020

The EU’s credibility was on the line as delegates met on October 1 in Brussels for a two-day summit to discuss a slew of headaches plaguing the Union.

UK, Canada impose sanctions on Lukashenko and his top officials

Ben Aris in Berlin September 30, 2020

Britain and Canada have imposed targeted personal sanctions on Lukashenko, his eldest son Viktor and six other top officials following the brutal police crackdown on protests after the disputed August 9 presidential election.

French President Macron promises Belarus’ opposition leader Tikhanovskaya to do all he can to help

Ben Aris in Berlin September 29, 2020

In a show of solidarity with the people of Belarus, French President Emmanuel Macron met with Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, leader of the opposition and nominal winner of the disputed August 9 elections.

Nobel laureate and Coordinating Council member Svetlana Alexievich leaves Belarus for medical treatment in Germany

bne IntelliNews September 29, 2020

Belarusian Nobel literature laureate and member of the Coordinating Council Svetlana Alexievich left the country for a month’s medical treatment in Germany, AFP reported on September 28.

International partners abandoning Minsk as a venue for peace talks and sport

Ben Aris in Berlin September 29, 2020

Following Belarus' self-appointed President Alexander Lukashenko’s secret inauguration on September 23 international partners are abandoning Minsk as a venue for major sports events and peace talks.