Belarus' GDP 3% up in January-August, foreign trade surplus at record high

bne IntelliNews October 18, 2021

In January-August 2021 Belarus' GDP rose by 3%, while the foreign trade surplus exceeded $2bn and beat the record of the year 2013.

Belarus' gold, forex reserves down by 0.4% to $8.5bn in September

bne IntelliNews October 18, 2021

Belarus' gold and foreign currency reserves totalled $8,459.9bn as of 1 October, 2021, according to the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus (NBRB) preliminary data, reports BelTA.

Inflation in Belarus at 1.3% in September

bne IntelliNews October 18, 2021

In September 2021 the index of consumer prices for goods and services totalled 101.3% as against August 2021 and 107.5% as against December 2020, according to the National Statistics Committee of Belarus.

Poland extends state of emergency on border with Belarus until end of November

Wojciech Kosc in Warsaw October 1, 2021

Government weaponises refugees as threat to Poles, while opposition accuses it of violating international law by not allowing them to file for protection.

Belarusian KGB officer killed in shootout with protester

bne IntelliNews September 29, 2021

A Belarusian KGB officer was killed in a Minsk shootout during an attempt to arrest US citizen Andrei Zeltser for protesting on September 28.

bneGREEN: Green Deal, CBAM poses high risks to poorer African, Eastern European countries

Richard Lockhart in Edinburgh September 23, 2021

The EU’s Green Deal and Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism will hit the EU’s trading partners in Africa and non-EU Eastern Europe particularly hard.

Russian Softline pursues international expansion in Baltic states, Belarus, Egypt

East West Digital News in Moscow September 23, 2021

Softline, an international solution and service provider with Russian roots, is pursuing its international expansion with two deals announced this month.

Belarusian opposition leaders Maria Kolesnikova and Maksim Znak were sentenced to over a decade in jail

bne IntelliNews September 7, 2021

Belarusian opposition leaders Maria Kolesnikova, who campaigned with Svetlana Tikhanovskaya in last year’s presidential election, and lawyer Maksim Znak were sentenced to 11 year and 10 years respectively for allegedly plotting a coup.

Poland declares state of emergency along border with Belarus to stem migration

Wojciech Kosc in Warsaw September 2, 2021

Poland’s President Andrzej Duda declared a state of emergency along the border with Belarus on September 2 in an attempt at stemming illegal migration from Belarus.

bneGREEN: CBAM to have less bite than bark

Richard Lockhart in Edinburgh September 1, 2021

The cost of the EU’s proposed CBAM may turn out to be less than initially feared by exporters into the EU, a new report from Sandbag and E3G, two pro-green think-tanks, have found.

bneGREEN: Will the Belarus NPP become the elephant in the room for Lithuania?

Linas Jegelevicius in Vilnius August 24, 2021

Lithuania has passed legislation to ban electricity imports from Belarus, but power from Lithuania’s hostile and unpredictable neighbour keeps trickling across the border through four 330-kV interconnectors.

Belarus' flower man given 8.5 years in jail, tells court of his harrowing treatment and torture

bne IntelliNews August 17, 2021

A year ago Stepan Latypov (Stsyapan Latupau) went down to one of the main squares in central Minsk and started to hand out flowers to the women he met there. He was later arrested, beaten and finally sentenced to 8.5 year in jail.

Belarus to get $1bn as part of the IMF's $650bn SDR bonanza

Ben Aris in Berlin August 13, 2021

The embattled regime of President Alexander Lukashenko is due to receive the equivalent of $1bn from the IMF as part of its $650bn Special Drawing Rights giveaway to help struggling economies.

MOSCOW BLOG: No easy way out of the Belarusian crisis as West hits Minsk with fresh sanctions

Ben Aris in Berlin August 10, 2021

On the anniversary of the fraudulent presidential elections that plunged Belarus into its worst political crisis since the fall of the Soviet Union, Washington and London ramped up their sanctions regimes.

Harsh US sanctions on Belaruskali to have limited impact due to loophole

Ben Aris in Berlin August 10, 2021

The US handed down some of the harshest sanctions yet on Belarus and its leading companies and banned doing any business with potash producer Belaruskali. But a loophole in the regulations means its business won't be badly affected.

ASH: Confusion over the details of the new Belarus sanctions but they will work

Timothy Ash Senior Sovereign Strategist at BlueBay Asset Management in London August 10, 2021

Putting a few concluding remarks around the latest Western sanctions iteration around Belarus. There is some confusion around what has been done, or not, but the bottom line is the screw has tightened and western firms are unlikely to do business.

UK and US impose harsh new sanctions on Belarus targeting potash, oil and banning investments into primary debt issues

Ben Aris in Berlin August 9, 2021

One the anniversary of the fraudulent presidential elections that plunged Belarus into its worst political crisis since the fall of the Soviet Union, Washington and London ramped up their sanctions regimes and hit hard.

Belarusians hold solidarity demonstrations on the first anniversary of the disputed presidential elections

Ben Aris in Berlin August 9, 2021

Belarusians went to the polls to choose a new president exactly a year ago on August 9, 2020 in elections that plunged the country into its worst political crisis in three decades.

Minsk mayor orders western goods off shop shelves

bne IntelliNews August 8, 2021

The Minsk mayor has ordered goods from western countries that have imposed sanctions on Belarus off the shelves in the latest tit-for-tat measures in the pariah republic’s clash with the West.