Who needs a war?

bne IntelliNews January 25, 2022

Russia increases its military presence in Belarus as tensions rise with Ukraine. But whose interests will guide the Belarusian regime’s actions?

Western allies sending Ukraine arms, but not Germany

bne IntelliNews January 25, 2022

With the fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine mounting, many of its allies have ramped up arms deliveries to the embattled nation – but not all.

ASH: Russia escalation cost/benefit

Timothy Ash in London January 24, 2022

Putin has moved to escalate tensions with Ukraine, putting a huge and unprecedented Russian military force on its Western border and also launching a concerted “coercive” diplomatic effort to sketch out new red lines for Nato.

Baltics to send weapons to Ukraine as fears of Russian invasion rise

bne IntelliNews January 24, 2022

Estonia will send Javelin anti-armour missiles, while Latvia and Lithuania will send Stinger antiaircraft missiles.

Polls show Russian public opinion united on Ukraine

Theo Normanton in Moscow January 23, 2022

Data from surveys show that Russian sentiment is more homogeneous than in recent years on questions surrounding a potential conflict with Ukraine. Fears of war are high, America's allies are largely held responsible, but appetite for conflict is low.

Nato rejects Russian request to withdraw from Bulgaria and Romania

bne IntelliNews January 23, 2022

Both Nato and the governments in Bucharest and Sofia have firmly rejected Russia’s request that Nato forces withdraw from countries that joined after 1997.

Russian troops concentrate in southeastern Belarus, increasing fears of invasion of Ukraine

bne IntelliNews January 23, 2022

Western fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine from Belarus are increasing as Russian troops concentrate in Belarus’ Gomel region. Meanwhile, Zelenskiy is playing down war fears, saying that no war is imminent.

MOSCOW BLOG: Nato showdown – Geneva III

Ben Aris in Berlin January 21, 2022

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov have just sat down for the third meeting in Geneva for what is probably the last round of meetings in the first phase of the Ukraine crisis.

UniCredit's hopes of acquiring Russia's Otkritie Bank marred by geopolitical tensions

Theo Normanton in Moscow January 21, 2022

UniCredit is considering a takeover of Russia's Otkritie Bank, but rising geopolitical tensions coupled with an increasingly competitive financial environment could jeopardise the plan.

Zelenskiy plays down war fears as tensions continue to rise

bne IntelliNews January 21, 2022

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy played down war fears calling on the people to stop the runs on banks and food stockpiling, saying no war is imminent in a video released on January 20.

Moscow court lifts US investor Michael Calvey's restrictions on leaving home

bne IntelliNews January 21, 2022

The Meshchansky District Court of Moscow has lifted the house arrest restrictions on US fund manager Michael Calvey and the founder of investment fund Baring Vostok after he was arrested three years ago.

Baltics boost own military capacities and pledge to send arms to Ukraine as tension mounts

Linas Jegelevicius in Vilnius January 21, 2022

Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia have pledged to offer Ukraine assistance, including in cyber security.

Ukraine crisis: money becomes a weapon

Ben Aris in Berlin January 21, 2022

Money has become a weapon in the expanding crisis over Russia’s demands for a halt to Nato’s eastern expansion. In the Cold War Russia and the West were ideologically opposed. Now both are capitalist, where money offers leverage over Russia.

bneGREEN: Usmanov pushes sustainable copper for cleantech

Theo Normanton in Moscow January 20, 2022

Future demand for copper will increase greatly as new, greener technologies make use of the metal's unique properties. In an article published by the World Economic Forum, billionaire Alisher Usmanov made the case for increased investment in copper.

US warns Belarus to keep its commitment to neutrality

bne IntelliNews January 19, 2022

US warns Belarus to keep its commitment to neutrality in wake of increasing Russian military presence along the Belarus-Ukraine border.

Russian IPOs hit record in 2021, M&As down 40%

bne IntelliNews January 19, 2022

The Russian initial public offering (IPO) market in 2021 hit a record $3.7bn, the highest since 2011, RBC business portal reported citing the data by Refinitiv. At the same time, the M&A market was down by 40% in 2021.

Kazakh officials decline to confirm or deny death of Nursultan Nazarbayev

Nizom Khodjayev in Nur-Sultan January 17, 2022

Not a word has been heard from ex-president since country was plunged into turmoil by unrest.

Belarus hackers behind the Ukraine cyberattack, Russia arrests ransomware hacker at US request

Ben Aris in Berlin January 16, 2022

Belarus hackers were behind the Ukraine cyberattack, it was announced as Russia arrests ransomware hacker at US request

Founded in Russia 11 years ago, the Miro visual collaboration software startup is now valued at $17.5bn

East West Digital News in Moscow January 14, 2022

Miro, a US enterprise software publisher with Russian roots, announced yesterday a $400mn Series C round. The deal brought the company – known as RealtimeBoard when it was founded in Russia back in 2011 – to an astounding $17.5bn valuation.

Moscow clinics bet on AI-powered medical diagnosis, Russian startup triumphs in South Korea

East West Digital News in Moscow January 14, 2022

No less than 2mn preliminary diagnoses using a neural network have been made to date in Moscow during medical home visits, city authorities announced last week.