Moldova’s exports stagnate and shift toward CIS countries

bne IntelliNews January 20, 2020

Moldova’s exports contracted by 1% y/y to $266.6mn in November as the recovery in exports to the CIS was not strong enough to offset the drop in exports to the EU.

OUTLOOK 2020 Moldova

bne IntelliNews January 9, 2020

Having defeated his rivals in a series of power struggles in 2019, Moldova's President Igor Dodon enters the new decade firmly in control.

Moldova’s growth remains strong in Q3 despite political turmoil

Iulian Ernst in Bucharest December 17, 2019

Robust growth is expected to continue as the outlook changed from moderate fiscal consolidation to more fiscal stimulus with the change in government in November.

Moldova’s central bank loosens monetary policy to stimulate growth

Iulian Ernst in Bucharest December 12, 2019

The BNM’s decision to cut rate when inflation is rising, and provide further stimulus if needed, seems to be aimed at helping Chisinau finance next year’s budget deficit from the local market if it struggles to secure foreign financing.

Moldova builds 2020 budget on heavy public borrowing

Iulian Ernst in Bucharest November 29, 2019

Over the next three years, Moldova’s external debt is expected to rise by around $1bn, compared to a more moderate advance of $0.5bn over the past decade.