Romania’s government gains 45-day grace period to secure new majority

Iulian Ernst in Bucharest September 19, 2019

Constitutional Court ruling gives PM Viorica Danicla time to put together a new majority after the ruling coalition split — but opposition leaders are still preparing for a no-confidence vote.

Romania’s construction sector soars by 41% y/y in July

Iulian Ernst in Bucharest September 17, 2019

Civil engineering works returned to normal levels after two disappointing years, while work on residential projects doubled from the levels seen in the years after the recession.

Romania’s 12-month CA deficit hits 4.9% of GDP at end-July

bne IntelliNews September 16, 2019

The current account deficit is one of the main threats to Romania’s macroeconomic sustainability with the other being the budget deficit.

Romania’s industrial output at two-year low

Iulian Ernst in Bucharest September 13, 2019

Industrial growth has remained feeble since the beginning of the year, but broken down by segment the figures indicate a shift towards higher value production.

When Chinese deals turn sour

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow September 12, 2019

Tighter regulation and growing geopolitical tensions have caused a downturn in global Chinese outward FDI in the past two years. The Central and Eastern Europe region is no exception.

Romanian private equity fund Morphosis buys stake in IT startup DocProcess

bne IntelliNews September 12, 2019

Investment will allow family owned DocProcess to expand in Romania and in the wider European market.

Romania’s trade gap widens by nearly 40% y/y in July

Iulian Ernst in Bucharest September 10, 2019

The July figures might overstate the diverging dynamics of exports and imports, but trend data confirm that exports are slowing at a significantly steeper rate than imports.

Construction pushes Romania’s GDP up 4.4% y/y in Q2

Iulian Ernst in Bucharest September 9, 2019

The volume of construction works surged by 31% y/y and the sector generated 21% more value added in the second quarter.

Fitch warns political turmoil impairs Romania’s capacity to pursue needed economic adjustments

bne IntelliNews September 4, 2019

The break-up of Romania's governing coalition increases political uncertainty ahead of a busy electoral calendar and amid a backdrop of rising macroeconomic imbalances.

BRICKS & MORTAR: Corporates turn to flexi workspaces in battle for talent

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow August 30, 2019

Flexible workplaces and co-working spaces, originally the domain of creatives and solo entrepreneurs, are increasingly attractive to larger companies in their quest to attract and retain talent.

BUCHAREST BLOG: A game of musical chairs

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow August 28, 2019

Romania’s ruling coalition has collapsed and the government’s future is unclear, but after years of top-level personnel changes, policy reversals and mass protests, investors are already used to the climate of uncertainty.

Romania’s opposition not ready to find replacement for PM Dancila

Iulian Ernst in Bucharest August 28, 2019

Viorica Dancila might survive the collapse of the ruling coalition, as opposition parties are more concerned about positioning ahead of the general elections next year than forming a new ruling coalition.

Romania’s ruling party loses majority and faces no-confidence vote

bne IntelliNews August 27, 2019

PM Viorica Dancila looks likely to lose her position in an imminent no-confidence vote, but there is not yet a new parliamentary majority to take over.

Europe still has East-West divide in waste generation

bne IntelliNews August 26, 2019

Despite the recent consumer boom, all but one of the eastern EU members produces less waste than any western member, a new study from Eurostat shows.

New loans to Romanian households down 3.6% y/y in Q2

bne IntelliNews August 23, 2019

Household borrowing weakened for the second quarter in a row, in response to the tighter lending regulations enforced by the central bank in January.

Romanian banks’ profits roughly halve y/y in Q2

bne IntelliNews August 22, 2019

In Q2, banks' aggregated profit plunged by 48% y/y €202mn deteriorating compared to both last year and the first quarter.

Romanian blue chips boast 22.7% average profit margin in H1

bne IntelliNews August 21, 2019

The BET index has gained over 22% since the beginning of this year while the BET-TR index, which also includes the dividends paid by BET companies, recorded a return of 33%.