Slovenia’s BuWizz creates world's fastest app-controlled Lego car

Slovenia’s BuWizz creates world's fastest app-controlled Lego car
BuWizz created a 1:8 scale model of the €1.8mn Spania GTA Spano hypercar out of Lego. / BuWizz
By bne IntelliNews October 27, 2021

Slovenian firm BuWizz, which specialises in making motors for Lego cars and scaled-down trains, claims to have built the fastest detailed 1:8-scale Technic model in the world, the company said in a blog post. 

The project started earlier in 2021, when some of BuWizz's executives began looking for cooperation with a hypercar manufacturer and concluded a deal with Spanish firm Spania. 

The Lego cars are models of the Spania GTA Spano hypercar, of which just 12 cars have been produced, with a price tag of €1.8mn. The model is intended to be a faithful representation of the real hypercar made of Lego bricks.

The BuWizz team puts its Spano to the test on a race track in Slovenian town of Velenje. The model, which is controlled by a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone app, reached 36.5 kph, which converts to about 22.6 mph.

There are no other claims of a faster 1:8-scale Lego Technic car. 

According to BuWizz, it took "six months of model design and development, hundreds of hours of assembly and testing, numerous back and forth communication with Spania GTA, the creator of the fastest Spanish hypercar,” to develop the model. 

“We felt great relief, pride, and satisfaction as a reward for our work. We invested a lot of bricks, time, enthusiasm, and creativity in this project. Without any guarantee that all this will pay off. But it did. Big time. Even better than we imagined,” the blog post said.