Bulgaria’s inflation hits new record of 15.6% y/y in May

bne IntelliNews June 16, 2022

Inflation has been rising for 15 consecutive months but started speeding up recently due to surging energy prices.

Bulgaria appeals for German help to clean up suspected heroin route border checkpoint

Denitsa Koseva in Sofia June 14, 2022

Ruling party MP claims heroin is trafficked through the Kapitan Andreevo checkpoint on the Bulgaria-Turkey border, where video cameras in the phytosanitary lab were switched off for 10 years.

Bulgarian PM Petkov closer to restoring majority as MPs desert ITN

Denitsa Koseva in Sofia June 14, 2022

Bulgaria’s ruling coalition lost its majority when ITN pulled out, but may get the support of disaffected ITN MPs — though early elections can’t be ruled out.

Bulgarians most sceptical in EU about euro adoption, Eurobarometer poll says

bne IntelliNews June 12, 2022

54% of Bulgarians don't want their country to switch to the euro, despite plans to enter the eurozone in January 2023.

bneGREEN: Europeans set higher decarbonisation targets to rescue continent’s security

Richard Lockhart in Edinburgh June 10, 2022

A total of 19 European governments have accelerated their decarbonisation policies in response to a combination of the COVID-19 pandemic, the gas crisis and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

€511.3mn of funds for roads in Bulgaria spent on luxury properties, interior minister says

Denitsa Koseva in Sofia June 9, 2022

Minister Boyko Rashkov outlines large-scale corruption schemes the day after ITN quit the ruling coalition amid spat over funding for road construction.

Mystery aircraft crosses four Southeast European states

Iulian Ernst in Bucharest June 9, 2022

Unidentified aircraft ignored radio contact on route across Hungary, Romania and Serbia before landing in Bulgaria, where an investigation is underway.

Bulgaria’s ruling coalition ruptures

bne IntelliNews June 8, 2022

PM Kiril Petkov vows to continue as head of minority government after ITN announces it is quitting Bulgaria's ruling coalition.

CONFERENCE CALL: Globsec basks in Putin's humiliation

Robert Anderson in Prague June 6, 2022

In contrast to previous conferences of the Bratislava-based security think-tank, there was a feeling that the West is no longer on the back foot and that now is the time to press home its advantage.

Controversial Bulgarian cultural centre in North Macedonia set on fire

Valentina Dimitrievska in Skopje June 5, 2022

Arson attack on centre named after a Nazi collaborator complicates efforts to mend relations between Sofia and Skopje and unblock North Macedonia's EU path.

Nearly 40% of Bulgarians want out of Nato as pro-Russian propaganda strengthens

bne IntelliNews June 5, 2022

Minister says a propaganda war is being fought in Bulgaria, turning public opinion on the war in Ukraine.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine pushes Eastern Europe further towards the West

Robert Anderson in Prague June 3, 2022

But close to half of Globsec Trends 2022 poll respondents in Hungary, Bulgaria and Slovakia do not place primary responsibility on Russia for the war in Ukraine.

Bulgaria’s deputy PM under pressure to resign over chaotic Ukraine refugee relocations

Denitsa Koseva in Sofia June 1, 2022

Government sends buses to seaside towns to remove 90,000 refugees from hotels ahead of tourist season, but few take up offer to move to new, undisclosed locations.

Bulgaria’s ruling coalition divided over euro adoption plans

bne IntelliNews May 30, 2022

Two of the four ruling parties say they want more analysis of what euro adoption will mean for Bulgaria, as Sofia aims to enter the eurozone in January 2024.

Three landmark legal verdicts strengthen LGBTI rights in Southeast Europe

bne IntelliNews May 28, 2022

Despite growing anti-LGBTI rhetoric from politicians across Europe, courts in Bosnia, Bulgaria and Croatia issued rulings reinforcing protection for the rights of LGBTI people.

Bulgaria’s Dronamics to launch drone cargo airline

bne IntelliNews May 26, 2022

Dronamics to scale up its operations and run its first commercial flights out of Malta and Italy later this year.

No progress in talks between Bulgaria, North Macedonia on lifting veto on EU accession talks

bne IntelliNews May 24, 2022

Sofia is under pressure to allow Skopje to start EU accession talks by the end of June, after a veto imposed for the first time two years ago, but Bulgarian officials are not sending promising signs.

Iran the winner as Ukraine conflict repercussions divert European trade flows

bne IntelIiNews May 23, 2022

The importance of the International North-South Transportation Corridor, providing Indian Ocean access via the Iranian port of Chabahar, has soared.

CEE companies weather the COVID-19 crisis

Robert Anderson in Prague May 23, 2022

Prompt and decisive government intervention, financial lifelines and firms’ involvement in global value chains have helped minimise insolvencies, says EIB/EBRD report.

Bulgarian PM says Putin tried to split EU and bring down his government with targeted gas cut-offs

bne IntelliNews May 23, 2022

Kiril Petkov believes Moscow deliberately targeted Bulgaria, where top officials were divided between Russia hawks and Kremlin sympathisers, with the aim of destabilising the government.