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BALKAN BLOG: A diplomatic breakthrough for Trump’s favourite ambassador

January 29, 2020

The US is back in the game in the Western Balkans, as President Donald Trump’s new envoy for the Serbia-Kosovo dialogue has brokered one deal on the resumption of air traffic between the two countries, and is close to a second on rail transport.

BALKAN BLOG: North Macedonia’s ex-chief special prosecutor on trial

December 8, 2019

She was appointed to head investigations into top-level crime and corruption but now Katica Janeva is now on trial herself, accused of taking part in an operation to extort €1.5mn from one of North Macedonia's richest men.

BALKAN BLOG: Straightforward handover of power to Kosovan opposition suddenly gets complicated

November 21, 2019

Kosovans voted in large numbers for change in the October general election, but following a Supreme Court ruling it's unclear whether they will get it.

BALKAN BLOG: EU rejection creates space for Russian return to the Western Balkans

October 31, 2019

Belgrade plays up Russia links in economy and defence as EU accession setback for Albania and North Macedonia raises fresh questions about Brussels’ commitment to absorbing the Western Balkans.

BALKAN BLOG: EU knockback for Albania and North Macedonia has deep negative repercussions at home

October 23, 2019

North Macedonia has called a snap election and the opposition are piling pressure on Albanian PM Edi Rama after France blocked the launch of accession talks at the latest EU Council.