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BUCHAREST BLOG: Romania becomes the latest battleground in Central Europe’s gender wars

July 2, 2020

A law approved by both houses of the Romanian parliament in June bans the teaching of gender studies in schools and universities. Opponents warn Romania is following in the footsteps of Central Europe's "illiberal democracies".

BUCHAREST BLOG: Romania’s response to COVID-19 economic effects is fuzzy and belated

March 25, 2020

The sole tangible aid extended by Romania’s government to firms is a promise to pay unemployment benefits to 75% of the employees whose labour contracts are suspended as a result of the crisis. But even this is tricky, managers say.

BUCHAREST BLOG: New faces, new policies, but the same old uncertainty

December 5, 2019

Romania’s new government is preparing to undo some of the measures taken by its predecessors that dismayed investors, but with a shaky majority and elections already looming the scope for improvements is limited.

BUCHAREST BLOG: A game of musical chairs

August 28, 2019

Romania’s ruling coalition has collapsed and the government’s future is unclear, but after years of top-level personnel changes, policy reversals and mass protests, investors are already used to the climate of uncertainty.

BUCHAREST BLOG: Anti-EU discourse intensifies as Romania takes over EU Council presidency

January 8, 2019

Once a staunch enthusiast for deeper EU integration, Bucharest has been engaged in a war of words with the European Commission over the controversial overhaul of criminal and justice legislation.