Can the EU replace Russian gas with North African supplies?

Jennifer DeLay March 23, 2022

Experts from Verisk Maplecroft and Welligence Energy Analytics comment on how North African gas producers might respond as Europe’s energy mix changes.

Ukrainian refugees rely on generosity of strangers in Moldova

Haley Bader in Comrat and Palanca March 23, 2022

While Moldovans work tirelessly to provide accommodation for fleeing Ukrainians with uncertain futures, welcome centres are still desperately underfunded and depend on volunteers

DATACRUNCH: The anatomy of the 1998, 2008 and 2022 stock market crashes

Ben Aris in Berlin March 23, 2022

The sword of Damocles is hanging over the Russian stock market, closed since Russia's attack on Ukraine on February 24. When the market opens again it will crash, but how will it compare with the last two big crises in 1998 and 2008?

Perspectives | Islamic State in Afghanistan seeks to recruit Uzbeks, Tajiks, Kyrgyz

Lucas Webber & Riccardo Valle March 22, 2022

ISKP is reaching out to minorities in Afghanistan and their ethnic cousins in post-Soviet Central Asia.

Ukrainian refugees are torn between war at home and a new life in Poland

Wojciech Kosc in Przemysl March 22, 2022

The biggest migration to Poland since World War Two will change the country forever.

Siege of Kharkiv: “We know Ukraine will win – but will we survive?”

Andrey Kaganskikh for Meduza in Kharkiv March 22, 2022

Russian troops have been shelling Kharkiv non-stop for over three weeks now. The city’s residential areas and historic centre are completely destroyed, and necessities like food and medicines are difficult to come by.

Perspectives | Russian invasion dealing China a Silk Road economic setback

Nathan Hutson for Eurasianet March 21, 2022

But Kazakhstan has more to lose.

The sanctioned Belarusian economy

bne IntelliNews March 21, 2022

Sanctions keep taking their toll on the Belarusian economy, isolating it yet further from global value chains, although the Belarusian government is trying out new policies to ease the effects from sanctions.

Buying Russian oil is “like eating toxic nuclear waste” again

bne IntelliNews March 21, 2022

In the midst of the 1998 financial crisis investor Adam Elstein famously said that he would rather “eat toxic nuclear waste” than buy Russian assets. Russia is back in that place.

Balkan flashpoints after Russia's invasion of Ukraine

bne IntelliNews March 20, 2022

Since the invasion of Ukraine, there have been warnings of Russian efforts to destabilise the Western Balkans.

'They don’t know Ukraine': head of peace talks delegation on Kyiv’s 'cautious optimism'

Elizaveta Antonova of Meduza March 18, 2022

Mykhailo Podolyak, head of Ukraine’s peace talks delegation and an advisor to President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, explains Kyiv’s “cautious optimism” on progress in the negotiations.

Eastern EU member states divided over sanctions on Russian oil and gas exports

bne IntelliNews March 18, 2022

Central and Southeastern European countries are among the most vulnerable to any cut-off in Russian energy exports, but this has not stopped some of them from being very vocal in demanding tougher action.

LONG READ: Winners and losers from the war in Ukraine (and Russia has already lost, even if it wins)

Ben Aris in Berlin March 16, 2022

Russia loses from war in Ukraine, even if it wins. China wins from the war irrespective of whether Russia wins or loses. The US also wins from both a Russian victory and a defeat, but its win is less if Russia wins. Everyone else loses.

Russo-Ukraine peace negotiations turn on the “worst possible acceptable deal”

Ben Aris in Berlin March 15, 2022

Russian and Ukrainian delegations have been wrestling to find a peace deal in the last week and progress seems to have been made, according to recent comments from both sides, but there is still a gulf to cross.

Hungary’s opposition wants to use EU funds and cleaner procurement to boost education and healthcare

bne IntelliNews March 15, 2022

'What we need is not new economic policies but a change in philosophy,' says opposition chief economic adviser Julia Kiraly.

Ukraine wants Nato to close the skies, but what would that look like?

Cameron Jones and Dominic Culverwell March 15, 2022

A no-fly zone in all but name could be established by providing Ukrainian forces with significant anti-aircraft weaponry, rather than by the insertion of Nato jets into Ukrainian airspace.

Odesa braces for looming Russian assault

Neil Hauer in Odesa March 14, 2022

With Russian troops barely 100 km away, the crucial Black Sea port is preparing for brutal urban combat.

Central Asia frets as Russia suspends grain, sugar exports

Eurasianet March 14, 2022

The Russian government has announced that it intends to extend its ban on the export of grain and sugar to fellow members of a trading bloc until the end of August in a move that has sparked fear of food shortages around the region.

Russian metals are deeply embedded in global markets and hard to sanction

Ben Aris in Berlin March 14, 2022

As trade between Russia and West comes under a growing list of sanctions and companies break off ties, Russia is looking for new markets to buy its metals.

Europe welcomes 2.5mn Ukrainian refugees – but for how long?

Dominic Culverwell in Berlin March 12, 2022

On the top floor of Berlin’s central railway station, hundreds of Ukrainian refugees arrive on the 9:51 am train from Wrocław. As the doors open, a woman immediately stumbles and falls to the floor, hitting her head.