Turkmenistan: Rotten tomatoes review

Akhal-Teke: Eurasianet March 31, 2021

The president gets another title, ignores soaring food prices, starts a charity, and pens a ditty to his favourite city. This and more in our weekly Turkmenistan briefing.

Russia's taste for Irish whiskey explodes

Jason Corcoran in Dublin March 30, 2021

Russia is now Irish whiskey's second biggest market after the US as wealthier consumers shift away from vodka.

OBITUARY: Petr Kellner, Central Europe's great dealmaker

Robert Anderson in Prague March 29, 2021

Czech billionaire financier dies in helicopter crash, raising questions over the future of his diversified PPF Group.

LONG READ: Who is Sergei Pugachev, the oligarch that accused Abramovich of buying Chelsea on Putin's orders?

Ben Aris in Berlin March 26, 2021

Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich filed a defamation lawsuit against the HarperCollins publishing company and the author of “Putin’s People”, Catherine Belton, for claiming that he had bought the Chelsea football club on Putin's direct orders.

RAEX-Europe: First ESG ranking of Russian iron and steel companies

Svetlana Grishankova Managing Director RA Expert in Frankfurt Am Main March 25, 2021

The first ESG ranking of Russian iron and steel companies showcases fairly high results in terms of the quality of corporate governance, while the average scores for social and environmental factors are noticeably lower.

Ukraine poised for take off

Ben Aris in Berlin March 25, 2021

When will Ukraine’s economy reach critical mass and start the virtuous circle of profits, investment, rising wages and ballooning consumption? Ukraine still has its catch-up growth ahead of it, and when it starts it will boom.

Perspectives: Turkey and China – can Azerbaijan be the bridge?

Firuza Nahmadova for Eurasianet March 24, 2021

Since shepherding Azerbaijan’s military victory last autumn, Turkey has been on a Silk Road charm offensive. The challenge is turning talk into action.