How many days of gas consumption are in Europe’s storage tanks?

Ben Aris in Berlin July 10, 2022

If the Russians turned off gas supplies to Europe today, how many days of gas are currently in the storage tanks?

The European Union needs to cut demand by 15% to cope with Russian gas cuts

Ben Mcwilliams and Georg Zachmann of Bruegel July 9, 2022

Without Russian gas, the European Union would have to reduce demand by approximately 15%, with big differences between different parts of Europe.

bneGREEN: The need for nuclear in the energy transition

Richard Lockhart in Edinburgh July 9, 2022

Nuclear is set to make a "comeback," with capacity forecast to double between 2020 and 2050 from 413 GW to 812 GW, the IEA said.

Russia is a globally significant grain producer, but the dacha garden is still the main source of potatoes

bne IntelliNews July 8, 2022

Russia is a globally significant grain producer and exporter, but the Russian dacha, or summer house, still produces the lion’s share of vegetables and potatoes.

Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine gradually impacting the economy

bne IntelliNews July 8, 2022

The effects of the Russian war of aggression are gradually beginning to be seen more widely in the Russian economy.

Kazakh president orders diversification of oil supply routes after Russia’s CPC suspension order

bne IntelliNews July 8, 2022

A Russian court ordered the Caspian Pipeline Consortium to suspend activity for 30 days after the Kazakh president pledged to help Europe restore its energy supplies.

RADIOACTIVE: Central Europe remains highly exposed to Russian uranium

Richard Lockhart in Edinburgh July 8, 2022

Europe’s nuclear power sector is starting to worry about its fuel stocks as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is calling into question the security of uranium supplies and processing services provided by Russia.

Less than 5% of German companies decided to quit the Russian market

bne IntelliNews July 7, 2022

Less than 5% of German companies have decided to leave the Russian market as a result of the war, as other foreign brands quit Russia en masse.

Emerging markets see $4bn of outflows in June as global recession fears grow

Ben Aris in Berlin July 7, 2022

Pockets of weakness persist in emerging markets where real interest rates are deeply negative – and risks for those countries are rapidly mounting.

Tougher times ahead for Emerging Europe

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow July 7, 2022

With no end to the Ukraine war in sight, spiralling inflation is set to drag down growth across Emerging Europe in the second half of 2022 and into 2023, wiiw’s latest forecasts say.

Russia’s Rostec develops blockchain system as “real alternative” to SWIFT

bne IntelliNews July 7, 2022

Rostec, a state corporation that comprises more than 700 enterprises in the fields of defence and technology, announced in June it has developed a blockchain platform to provide a “real alternative to SWIFT in international settlements.”

MACRO ADVISORY: Is Putin moving towards a ceasefire in Ukraine?

Chris Weafer of Macro-Advisory in Moscow July 7, 2022

A lot of rhetoric last week and several summits, but President Vladimir Putin's rhetoric has changed; he has gone from demanding the de-nazification of Ukraine to talking about the security of the Donbas. Is he signalling he is open for talks?

Europe’s gas storage reaches 60% as non-Russian deliveries accelerate

bne IntelliNews July 7, 2022

Natural gas storage tanks in Europe were 60% full on July 4 as non-Russian supplies of gas appear to have surged in the last weeks. Europe is still on target to reach its target of tanks 80% full by October but a lot of uncertainty remains.

EU mulls investment in Rogun dam to undermine Russia in Tajikistan

bne IntelliNews July 6, 2022

Dushanbe has asked for EU financial and technological assistance to complete the construction of the world’s tallest dam that will make the country self-sufficient in electricity.

bneGREEN: Has green energy had its day?

Richard Lockhart in Edinburgh July 6, 2022

Global efforts to combat climate change are being endangered by the global COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the current energy crisis.

bneGREEN: Cracks appear in German opposition to atomic energy

Richard Lockhart in Edinburgh July 6, 2022

Germany’s opposition to expanding nuclear power could be changing slowly, as the current gas crisis leads to more voices calling for an end to the closure of nuclear power plants.

RIMMER: No Laughing Matter – the unintended hilarity of Russia’ special military operation

Julian Rimmer in London July 6, 2022

The Ukrainian War is no laughing matter, but the Russians are doing their level best to make it funny. Coverage of the war is extensive, but observers have overlooked the comedy inadvertently provided by the Kremlin.

Kremlin VTB bank to be hit by investor class action for seizing foreign shares

Jason Corcoran in Dublin July 6, 2022

A group of about 250 Russian investors is preparing a class action against VTB after their investments in foreign stocks were effectively seized by the Kremlin-controlled bank, bne IntelliNews can reveal.

Russian metal giants Rusal and Norilsk Nickel could merge under sanctions

bne IntelliNews July 6, 2022

Western sanctions for Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine could force two Russian oligarchs, Vladimir Potanin and Oleg Deripaska, to end the longest conflict in Russian corporate history and instead merge their respective metals giants.

OPINION: Russia’s need to circumvent sanctions gives new life to north-south project

Fuad Shahbazov in Durham July 5, 2022

China, India and Iran are pushing the International North-South Transport Corridor, INSTC, as a way to maintain trade relations with Russia.