Ukraine's Zelenskiy calls on the US to recognise Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism

bne IntelliNews June 28, 2022

Following a horrific Russian missile attack on a packed shopping mall in Ukraine's industrial city of Kremenchuk, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has called on the West to designate Russia a state sponsor of terror.

At least a dozen killed in shopping mall bombing as Zelenskiy urges G7 leaders to impose more sanctions

bne IntelliNews June 28, 2022

At least 10 people were killed and more than three dozen injured after Russian missiles slammed into a packed supermarket in the middle of the day in Ukraine’s industrial city of Kremenchuk on June 27.

Gold and an energy price cap on G7 summit agenda

bne IntelliNews June 27, 2022

Gold and a price cap on oil are among the items on the agenda as G7 leaders gathered in Bavaria in Germany to consider a seventh package of sanctions on Russia.

Russia promises to give Belarus missile systems with nuclear capabilities within months

bne IntelliNews June 27, 2022

The meeting between self-proclaimed Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko and Russian President Vladimir Putin on June 25 brought the expected results of escalated tensions with the West and Ukraine.

'Massive' Russian bombardment of Ukraine from Belarusian territory

bne IntelliNews June 26, 2022

On June 25, Ukrainian intelligence reported that Ukraine had come under “massive” bombardment by Russian forces firing from Belarusian territory.

Ukraine has been clear that it needs more weapons from the West. So, what’s the holdup?

Meduza June 24, 2022

On June 13, Ukrainian presidential advisor Mykhailo Podolyak named the specific amount of Western weapon supplies Ukraine needs in order to “end the war” and “kick Russia out of Ukraine”: 1,000 155-mm howitzers and more.

White House doubles number of long-range rocket launchers sent to Ukraine in fresh aid package

Theo Normanton June 24, 2022

The US has unveiled a new package of military aid for Ukraine, worth $450mn. It includes artillery ammunition, patrol boats, tactical vehicles, machine guns and four new long-range rocket launchers.

bneGREEN: Reducing investment in fossil fuels can fund Europe’s energy transition

Richard Lockhart in Edinburgh June 24, 2022

Europe’s electricity system could become greener, more secure and more resilient while not requiring any funding if the right investments are made to replace increasingly expensive fossil fuels.

Gas crisis: Can Europe store enough gas this summer to get through the winter?

Ben Aris in Berlin June 23, 2022

“Winter is coming, and the night is full or terrors.” The Game of Thrones' most famous quote would serve well as a morning greeting for gas traders as they come into work.

Ukraine and Moldova granted EU candidate status in face of Russian aggression

Dominic Culverwell in Berlin June 23, 2022

Ukraine and Moldova have been granted official candidate status, with the same promise to Georgia once it has addressed its "outstanding priorities".

Turkey 'must be cautious' on sending Ukraine more arms says top Turkish defence official

bne IntelIiNews June 23, 2022

Statement may reinforce worries Ankara remains too close to Moscow despite Nato membership and Kyiv’s need for stepped-up weapons deliveries.

EC due to vote on Ukraine’s EU candidate status as Russia intensifies attacks

bne IntelliNews June 23, 2022

EU leaders gather in Brussels on June 23 to vote on Ukraine’s EU membership candidacy in a vote that is widely expected to go through, as Russia intensifies its attacks in Donbas.

Ukraine targets oil infrastructure inside Russia

Theo Normanton June 22, 2022

A fire at an oil refinery 150 km behind Russia's front line has been widely attributed to a kamikaze attack by Ukrainian drones. This is only the latest in a series of targeted acts of sabotage in Russian territory.

Analyst says West should form ‘alliance of convenience’ with ‘unsavoury Erdogan’

bne IntelIiNews June 22, 2022

Turkish leader might be won round with economic lifeline that would persuade him to abandon Moscow, says Maximilian Hess.

CEE inflation spreading across whole region, set to last for years

Ben Aris in Berlin June 22, 2022

Inflation is being driven up by the food crisis and disrupted supply chains, first during the pandemic and now due to the war in Ukraine, leading to fears of stagflation for the whole world.

China, India overtake Germany as Russia’s biggest buyer of crude oil

bne IntelliNews June 22, 2022

Oil imports by China and India from Russia have surged thanks to the sanctions on Russia in May to overtake Germany as Russia’s biggest trade partner.

Colonial scars: Why Ukraine is unlikely to find allies in Africa

Dominic Culverwell in Berlin June 22, 2022

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy appealed to the African Union for support on June 20, but Kyiv is struggling to find allies on the continent.

COMMENT: Ukraine’s Eurobonds – pros and cons of restructuring

Vitaliy Vavryshchuk head of macro research at ICU in Kyiv June 20, 2022

The Ukrainian economy has been badly hit by the war and is operating in an extremely challenging environment. Budget revenues have plummeted while expenditures stay elevated. Will the government be forced to restructure its debt again?

Face to face with Putin, Kazakhstan’s president refuses to recognise Ukraine breakaway republics

Peter Baunov in Nur-Sultan June 20, 2022

Hours later, Moscow announces difficulties with Kazakh oil shipments. Some analysts, however, argue the Kremlin benefits from Nur-Sultan’s moves to avoid sanctions.

World hit by interest rate and inflation shock says IIF

Ben Aris in Berlin June 20, 2022

The world’s economy is being hit by an inflation and interest rate shock that shows no sign of abating, Institute of International Finance (IIF) said in a recent paper.