Ukraine’s banks on the mend, tracking 2019 results

bne IntelliNews July 4, 2021

Ukraine’s banks managed to avoid the worst of the coronacrisis and found their business largely unaffected by the events of the last year.

Ukraine’s current account surplus swelled to $723mn in May on the back of booming exports and high commodity prices

bne IntelliNews July 1, 2021

Ukraine’s current account surplus grew to $723mn in May, up from the $443mn the country earned in April, due to a trade surplus swollen by strong exports and high commodity prices.

CONFERENCE CALL: Economists warn over inflation and rising debt

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow July 1, 2021

As the world starts to emerge from the Coronacrisis, economists on an EBRD panel warned over rising inflation, debt and the uneven recovery from the crisis, with emerging markets and developing economies lagging behind their richer peers.

FPRI BMB Ukraine: New reform laws and decrees

FPRI BMB Ukraine July 1, 2021

Over the past week, the Ukrainian Parliament pushed through several pieces of legislation in the final reading, while also approving the second reading of other bills.

bneGREEN: Hydro’s elderly turbines need fresh investment to contribute to net zero

Richard Lockhart in Edinburgh June 30, 2021

Hydro needs new investment to replace elderly infrastructure and accelerate the road to net zero, the IEA says.

HOMANS: Ukraine takes control of unleashed drones

Robert Homans in Washington DC June 30, 2021

Since its independence in 1991, Ukraine has been largely limited in its capability to defend itself, partly through poor decisions made by Ukraine and partly due to limits placed on Ukraine by its Western partners. Turkish drones have changed that.

Ukraine launches its land market

bne IntelliNews June 30, 2021

After a decade of delays, millions of Ukrainians who own 32mn hectares of land will be allowed to sell it for the first time on a newly created land market that goes into effect on July 1.

S&P: EMEA faster growth, but higher inflation

Ben Aris in Berlin June 29, 2021

Emerging market economies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) are recovering faster than previously expected from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, but that has come with higher inflation.

Under half of emerging Europe economies to achieve full recovery in 2021

bne IntelliNews June 29, 2021

EBRD says recovery from the coronacrisis is progressing faster than expected, but many emerging Europe economies won’t return to 2019 levels of GDP until 2022.

Trade dependency keeps Ukraine out of international condemnation of China and Belarus

Ben Aris in Berlin June 28, 2021

The cash-strapped government of Ukraine has kept out of the international condemnation of China’s treatment of the Uighur and the latest round of sanctions on Belarus because of its trade dependency on both countries.

INTERVIEW: Kyrylo Shevchenko, Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine

Ben Aris in Berlin June 28, 2021

The National Bank of Ukraine's (NBU) clean-up of the banking sector and prudent monetary policy have been some of the outstanding successes of Ukraine’s reform programme.

Ukraine’s industrial output increased 5.4% y/y in May, down from 13% in April

bne IntelliNews June 27, 2021

Ukraine’s industrial output increased 5.4% y/y in May, slowing from 13.0% y/y growth in April, the State Statistics Service reported.

bneGREEN: the climbing cost of carbon

Richard Lockhart June 25, 2021

The cost of joining the global movement towards net zero is not yet fully known, and both governments and corporations with the highest levels of both greenhouse gas emissions and energy intensity face the highest costs for carbon.

Ukraine's retail sector turnover up 22.7% in May y/y

bne IntelliNews June 24, 2021

Ukrainian retail sales increased 14.3% y/y in 5M21, accelerating from 14.0% y/y growth in 4M21, Ukraine’s State Statistics Service reported on June 22.

bneGREEN: Most green energy beats coal on price in 2020

Richard Lockhart June 24, 2021

162 GW, or 62%, of new renewable capacity was cheaper than new fossil fuel-fired generation in 2020

Ukraine’s revises down its GDP growth estimate in 1Q21 to -2.2% contraction

bne IntelliNews June 24, 2021

Ukraine’s real GDP plunged 2.2% y/y in 1Q21, the State Statistics Service reported on June 22, worsening its preliminary estimate of -2.0% y/y. The economy declined 1.2% q/q seasonally adjusted.

NBU sacks deputy governor Dmytro Sologub

bne IntelliNews June 24, 2021

The Council of the National Bank of Ukraine has sacked well-respected Deputy Governor Dmytro Sologub, who as part of the previous management team oversaw a comprehensive clean-up of Ukraine’s banking sector.

DATACRUNCH: Central banks hike rates in the fight against inflation

Ben Aris in Berlin June 22, 2021

The economies of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) are bouncing back from the pandemic recession but this will also stimulate inflation, posing a dilemma for central banks.

Ukraine imposes sanctions against oligarch Dmitry Firtash for trading titanium with Russia

Ben Aris in Berlin June 20, 2021

The government in Ukraine has imposed sanctions on oligarch Dmytro Firtash for selling titanium to Russian defence sector enterprises at a time when Ukraine was de facto at war with its north-eastern neighbour.

EU reaches deal on sectoral Belarus economic sanctions

Ben Aris in Berlin June 20, 2021

The European Union has agreed on a broad package of sanctions on Belarus that target the latter's key sectors, including sanctions on the financial sector, and overcoming objections from Austria.