Zelenskiy strips oligarch Kolomoisky of Ukrainian citizenship

Ben Aris in Berlin July 25, 2022

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has stripped his friend and leading oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky of his Ukrainian citizenship in a move that clears the way for his arrest and deportation to the US, where he is under investigation.

DON: Why is Russia’s progress in the Ukraine campaign so slow?

Gav Don in Edinburgh July 24, 2022

Ukrainian resistance in the Severodonetsk and Lysychansk salient finally collapsed, but it took Russia more than 60 days to capture the towns, despite seriously outgunning its opponents. Russian forces are advancing at a snail's pace.

Ukraine and Russia sign agreement freeing up Ukrainian grain exports, but Kyiv warns Moscow of "military response" if provoked in Black Sea

Dominic Culverwell in Berlin July 24, 2022

Kyiv and Moscow signed an agreement in Istanbul on July 22 ensuring the safety of Ukrainian grain exports, despite apprehensions that the lengthy talks between Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and the UN would fall apart.

bneGREEN: Green output rises faster than power demand in 2022

Richard Lockhart in Edinburgh July 22, 2022

Renewable power generation has grown faster than sluggish demand so far in 2022, driven by strong capacity additions, IEA data showed, dragging down global power sector CO2 emissions slightly despite rising coal use in Europe.

Ukraine and Russia to sign breakthrough grain export deal

Theo Normanton July 22, 2022

Ukraine and Russia are set to sign their first deal since the outbreak of war. The agreement will allow around 22 million tonnes of agricultural produce to be safely exported from Black Sea ports, easing fears of a global food crisis.

COMMENT: Are the foreign fighters in Ukraine propaganda tools or effective combatants?

Naman Karl-Thomas Habtom in Cambridge July 22, 2022

A few days after Russian forces entered Ukraine, President Zelenskiy announced the formation of an International Legion and waived visa requirements for volunteers that were prepared to take up arms. Within a week 20,000 foreigners had signed up.

Pentagon issues rare warning to Iran on sending drones to Russia but experts question battlefield value of systems at hand

Will Conroy in Prague July 21, 2022

Britain’s spy chief, meanwhile, assessing the likely fate of the JCPOA nuclear pact, says “I don't think the Supreme Leader of Iran wants to cut a deal”.

Ukraine's central bank devalues hryvnia rate to 36.5686 to the dollar

Dominic Culverwell in Berlin July 21, 2022

The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has adjusted the official exchange rate of the hryvnia to the US dollar by 25% to UAH36.5686/$, the bank said in a statement on July 21.

bneGREEN: Emissions surge to outstrip pre-pandemic levels

Richard Lockhart in Edinburgh July 21, 2022

Global emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases rose 6.4% to 51bn tonnes in 2021, eclipsing the pre-pandemic peak of 50.3bn tonnes in 2019 as global economic activity resumed, International Monetary Fund data showed.

EU draws up gas reduction plans on fears of a Russian gas embargo

bne IntelliNews July 20, 2022

The European Commission has drawn up a plan detailing a rationing mechanism and rules to pass price increases on to consumers that can be imposed should Russia cut Europe off from gas deliveries.

Russian gas cut-off could see some European countries' growth fall by 6%, says IMF

Ben Aris in Berlin July 20, 2022

If Russia cuts off its gas deliveries to Europe then the most exposed countries could see their economies contract by up to 6%, the International Monetary Fund said in its blog on July 19.

Putin finds a sympathetic ear in Tehran

bne IntelIiNews July 19, 2022

Russian leader meets with Iranian and Turkish presidents during rare trip abroad. Analysts watching for any outcomes that could boost Kremlin amid its war in Ukraine.

FPRI BMB Ukraine: Oligarch no more

FPRI BMB Ukraine July 19, 2022

On July 11, Rinat Akhmetov, the richest and one of the most powerful men in Ukraine, took everyone by surprise when he announced the transfer of his TV channels’ broadcasting licences to the Ukrainian state.

IEA chief warns Europe its gas efforts won’t be enough even as Brussels inks deal with Azerbaijan

bne IntelIiNews July 19, 2022

Immediate efforts to cut demand vital, says Fatih Birol, as prospect of EU running out of gas reserves in winter looms.

DATACRUNCH: Stagflation visualisation

Ben Aris in Berlin July 18, 2022

Stagflation is here. The world is facing a global recession that could go on for several years as central banks everywhere will be forced to put through growth-crushing large rate hikes to control runaway inflation. But just how bad is it now?

Ukraine’s inflation continues to soar, hits 21.5% in June

bne IntelliNews July 15, 2022

The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) put through an emergency rate hike in June to subdue soaring inflation, but to little effect. The rate of price growth continued to hit 21.5% in June (chart), the central bank reported on June 14.

FPRI BMB Ukraine: 20 dead in missile strike on Vinnytsia

bne IntelliNews July 15, 2022

At least 20 civilians were killed in a Russian strike on Vinnytsia in central Ukraine on July 14. The four-year-old Lisa was amongst the dead. Her mother Iryna was taken to hospital in critical condition after losing a foot.

Belarus’ IT sector Part II – War and Peace with the IT sphere

bne IntelliNews July 15, 2022

As the growth of Belarus’ IT sector is facing stagnation, it may find itself in the middle of the Belarusian regime’s security and military apparatuses’ goals to increase their defensive and offensive capabilities in cyberspace.

Russians and Ukrainians pile into Turkish real estate market

Justine Mazonier July 14, 2022

Buyers flee war impacts to protect assets. Ukrainians seen as very likely to depart for home once conflict is over. The Russians, less so.

Ukraine wheat and grain production forecasts tumble, but some exports start

bne IntelliNews July 14, 2022

The outlook for the production and export of Ukraine’s grain production this year has tumbled due to the war raging in the country, stoking fears of a global food crisis.