IFPR BMB Ukraine: Crimea Platform inaugural meeting

FPRI BMB Ukraine August 26, 2021

The inaugural Crimea Platform Summit was attended by more than 40 international delegations in Kyiv on August 23. Though it didn’t result in concrete steps, the summit did put the Crimea issue back on the international agenda.

Ukraine retail trade increases 10.1% in July 2021

by Cameron Jones in London August 25, 2021

Ukrainian retail sales increased 13.0% year on year in 7M21, slowing from 13.8% y/y growth in 1H21, Ukraine’s State Statistics Service reported on August 20.

Nord Stream 2 fails to get exemption from EU gas market rules

bne IntelliNews August 25, 2021

A court in Germany has ruled that Russia’s controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline should not be exempt from EU gas market rules, creating new headaches for the project’s state-owned operator Gazprom, which may be unable to use half the capacity.

Kyiv residential real estate booms as high demand causes price surge

by Cameron Jones in London August 25, 2021

Demand for residential real estate in Kyiv is outstripping supply. As a result, Kyiv has a lack of available apartments and prices are surging, following trends seen earlier this year.

Ukraine’s SBA with IMF could be extended by six months

by Cameron Jones in London August 25, 2021

The Ukrainian Finance Ministry Serhiy Marchenko said Ukraine’s $5bn stand-by agreement with the International Monetary Fund may be extended by six months on August 25.

Ukraine shows off its old and new military hardware in 30th anniversary of Independence Day parade

by Cameron Jones in London August 25, 2021

New military technology joins ranks of Soviet-era weaponry at Ukraine’s Independence Day

KYIV BLOG: Merkel trying to cut an almost impossible gas transit deal for Ukraine

Ben Aris in Berlin August 24, 2021

With only a month left in office German Chancellor Angela Merkel is trying to cut an energy deal that will allow Germany to receive gas from Russia’s new Nord Stream 2 but keep some gas flowing through Ukraine’s Druzhba gas pipelines.

Ukraine foreign ministry rejects report of hijacked Afghan evacuation plane flown to Iran

Cameron Jones in London August 24, 2021

A Ukrainian foreign ministry spokesperson has denied earlier reports from the Ukrainian deputy foreign minister that a Ukrainian evacuation plane was hijacked by armed assailants and flown to Iran.

bneGREEN: Will the Belarus NPP become the elephant in the room for Lithuania?

Linas Jegelevicius in Vilnius August 24, 2021

Lithuania has passed legislation to ban electricity imports from Belarus, but power from Lithuania’s hostile and unpredictable neighbour keeps trickling across the border through four 330-kV interconnectors.

Ukraine will do everything to reclaim Crimea – Zelenskiy

Cameron Jones in London August 23, 2021

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy staunchly backed returning Crimea to Ukraine at the inaugural meeting of the Crimea Platform that attracted dignitaries from 44 countries in a show of solidarity on August 23.

Zelenskiy increasingly frustrated with the West as Merkel arrives selling gas and peace deals

Ben Aris in Berlin August 22, 2021

Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is a “dangerous geopolitical weapon,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy told visiting German Chancellor Angela Merkel at a press conference in Kyiv on August 22.

Ukraine to receive $2.7bn worth of IMF SDR allocation

Ben Aris in Berlin August 22, 2021

The International Monetary Fund is due to grant Ukraine a $2.7bn gift on August 23 as part of its $650bn Special Drawing Rights giveaway to help poorer countries recover from the coronacrisis more quickly.

Putin and Merkel meet in Moscow for the last time to talk democracy and gas

Ben Aris in Berlin August 21, 2021

German Chancellor Angela Merkel flew to Moscow on August 20 to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin for the last time as chancellor for wide-ranging talks where jailed opposition critic Navalny and gas deliveries to Europe featured prominently.

MOSCOW BLOG: The Afghan failure – bombs & cash vs institution building

Ben Aris in Berlin August 18, 2021

A chaotic first day of the new regime in Kabul. The images coming out of Kabul airport are going to become iconic. As bad as, if not worse than, those that came out of Saigon.

Ukraine’s economy fell back into recession in the second quarter on a q/q basis

bne IntelliNews August 17, 2021

Ukraine’s economy fell back into recession as the fallout from the pandemic and soaring inflation that caused the National Bank of Ukraine to dramatically hike interest rates start to weigh on growth.

Ukraine’s law enforcement clashes with far right Azov movement

Ben Aris in Berlin August 17, 2021

Violent clashes after Ukrainian law enforcers attempted to crack down on the criminal schemes the movement uses to make money.

Ukraine goods trade balance switches to $0.2bn deficit in June

bne IntelliNews August 17, 2021

Ukraine’s goods trade balance switched to a deficit of $230mn in June from a surplus of $257mn in May, according to Ukrstat.

ASH: US pulls out of Afghanistan to focus on China problem, but that is harder now

Tim Ash of BlueBay Asset Management in London August 16, 2021

The fact the Biden administration pulled the plug on allies and friends in Afghanistan, and against the advice of allies in Nato, just affirms its all encompassing focus on China in foreign policy.

Farming was Ukraine’s most profitable business in 2020, outlook for this year is excellent too

bne IntelliNews August 12, 2021

Farming was the most profitable economic activity in Ukraine last year, earning $3bn for producers, according to the National Scientific centre Institute of Agrarian Economics, UBN reported on August 12.

Ukraine gross reserves increase 2% in July

bne IntelliNews August 10, 2021

Ukraine’s gross international reserves increased by $0.59bn, or 2.1%, to $28.95bn in July