Azerbaijan demands ethnic-Armenians in Karabakh raise white flag amid military operation

bne IntelIiNews September 19, 2023

Baku claims “anti-terrorism” push but analyst says it appears Azerbaijanis are moving to retake Armenian-populated areas of enclave in their entirety.

EU warns of potential new measures against Kosovo and Serbia

bne IntelliNews September 19, 2023

Foreign policy chief Josep Borrell says EU would consider measures against both sides if they fail to make progress on normalising relations.

Azerbaijan launches “anti-terrorist” operations in Nagorno-Karabakh, shelling Armenian positions

bne IntelliNews September 19, 2023

Azerbaijani armed forces started shelling Armenian positions around 1pm on September 19 as it appears the war between the long-time enemies has broken out again.

Bulgaria to accept Ukrainian grain, Romania plans 30-day ban

bne IntelliNews September 19, 2023

Heavy pressure from farmers in both countries to keep the ban amid fears Ukrainian grain will flood the local markets.

Masked Turkish intelligence agents accused of abducting businessman in Tajikistan

bne IntelIiNews September 18, 2023

Koray Vural snatched while on his way to work. Incident follows grabbing of Orhan Inandi in Kyrgyzstan two years ago. Like Inandi, Vural is linked to Gulen movement that denies Ankara’s claims it plotted coup attempt.

Swedish police source accuses Turkey of leaking high-level intelligence to drug gang

Akin Nazli in Belgrade September 18, 2023

Country’s extradition refusals, scandalous wealth amnesty laws and cocaine trafficking boom also raising alarm.

Bulgaria destroys drone found in Black Sea resort

bne IntelliNews September 18, 2023

Drone equipped with 82mm high-explosive mortar found in Bulgaria after three drones crash in neighbouring Romania.

Ronaldo lands in Tehran for friendly game with his team Al Nassr

bne IntelliNews September 18, 2023

Saudi Arabia’s Al-Nassr football team arrived in Tehran early on September 18 for the first match of the Asian Football Confederation Champions League 2023-24 against Iranian club Persepolis.

Iran releases five US citizens after receiving €5.5bn of frozen funds

bne IntelliNews September 18, 2023

Iran has released five dual Iranian-US citizens and put the ex-prisoners on a Qatar Airways chartered flight out of the country, FlightRadar reports.

Unidentified air defence accident over northern Iranian city of Gorgan

bne IntelliNews September 18, 2023

Following the explosion of an unidentified flying object in Gorgan, the Chief of the Golestan Judiciary, Heydar Asiyabi, has announced the initiation of a judicial investigation into the incident.

Poland bans import of Ukrainian grain after EU-wide embargo expires

Wojciech Kosc in Warsaw September 18, 2023

Ukraine has vowed to pursue legal action at the World Trade Organisation if any EU member states institute their own embargoes.

Erdogan says Ankara could part ways with EU

bne IntelIiNews September 17, 2023

Remark comes against a background of frustration in his administration over India-Middle East-Europe trade corridor plan that entirely shuts out Turkey.

European Commission scraps rule of law monitoring for Bulgaria and Romania

bne IntelliNews September 17, 2023

CVM was introduced as a transitional measure on judicial reform and anti-corruption after two countries joined the EU back in 2007.

Iran's petrol crisis: low quality, high demand

bne IntelIiNews September 17, 2023

A new leaked document from the Iranian government has indicated that only 20% of the country’s petrol is Euro-4 or Euro-5 compliant.

Russia’ CBR ups key rate to 13%, warns of long-term tough policy

bne IntelliNews September 15, 2023

The board of the Central Bank of Russia at the September 15 policy meeting resolved to increase the key rate from 12% to 13%, following the emergency hike by 350 basis points in August amid ruble weakening.

Hungary faces steep demographic decline in coming decades

bne IntelliNews September 15, 2023

Population will decline below 9mn by 2043 from 9.63mn today and 10.7mn in 1980.

US singles out Turkey with latest war sanctions package

bne IntelIiNews September 15, 2023

Ankara gets a poke in the eye as Washington launches new attempt at hobbling Putin’s war machine by targeting technology shipments and financial channels.

EU reportedly preparing to cut aid to Bosnia’s Republika Srpska

bne IntelliNews September 14, 2023

Foreign Minister Elmedin Konakovic says new package for the Western Balkans under discussion but may exclude Republika Srpska because of its leaders' secessionist politics.

Latest round of talks between Kosovo and Serbia fails

bne IntelliNews September 14, 2023

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell blamed the failure on Kosovo’s rejection of a compromise proposal.

Iranians are returning to Dagestan after 300-year absence

bne IntelIiNews September 14, 2023

Iranians are returning to Dagestan with a new group visa waiver programme between Tehran and Moscow. Locked away from Derbent for 300 years, direct flights to the region will start on September 20.