ING: Energy price caps are appealing, but are not without risks

Gerben Hieminga of ING, Nadège Tillier of ING September 21, 2022

On 14 September 2022, Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, announced in her State of the Union speech a set of proposals to mitigate the impact of high energy prices.

OPINION: Belgrade’s EuroPride parade was a victory against the Kremlin

Ann Smith in New York September 20, 2022

The triumph of love over hate showed most Serbian citizens want to live in the democratic world despite Moscow’s efforts.

NEMETHY: The dawn of a new era: more expensive energy and wages?

Les Nemethy September 20, 2022

Psychologists say that the human brain suffers from dozens of different biases, perhaps one of the most important of these being “recency bias”. We tend to project the past into the future and Putin's war has radically changed that future.

PANNIER: Putin arrived with little to offer an SCO summit that showed no real clout

Bruce Pannier in Prague September 18, 2022

Disparate interests of organisation’s member nations meant many major issues of the day could not even be discussed. But there was only one dominant member: China.

COMMENT: Armenia-Azerbaijan military escalation is a test for Russian status quo in the region

Denis Cenusa September 15, 2022

The new outbreak of fighting tests Russia's relevance in maintaining peace and stability in the South Caucasus and could endanger its growing alliance with Turkey.

PANNIER: At Shanghai Cooperation Organisation summit, watch the action on the sidelines

Bruce Pannier in Prague September 13, 2022

Most important discussions and agreements at Samarkand gathering likely to concern regional connectivity, and the odd men out are Russia and Belarus.

GAV DON: Ukrainian offensive takes territory, but moves the political landscape more

Gav Don in Edinburgh September 13, 2022

While the territory captured has little strategic importance, the 2,000 square kilometres taken will massively energise and encourage Ukraine’s will to resist, and the will to pay for Ukraine’s resistance within the Nato alliance.

RIDDLE: Elections in wartime – why the September votes matter

Andras Toth-Czifra in New York for Riddle September 12, 2022

On September 11, Russia held regional and municipal elections. 14 of its regions will see direct gubernatorial elections, while six vote for a whole new legislature. Elections are also set for local councils across 11 cities.

COMMENT: Samarkand SCO Summit – dialogue and co-operation in an interconnected world

Uzbek president Shavkat Mirziyoyev in Tashkent September 12, 2022

Uzbekistan's chairmanship in the SCO has come at a moment of great change in the world – a period of "historical fracture", when one era ends and another begins, still unpredictable and unknown.

RIDDLE: Russian elections out of sight

Stanislav Andreychukis of Golos in Moscow for Riddle September 11, 2022

Russia is holding local elections in 14 regions, which are supposed to be boring, but coming in the midst of a war they are more important than usual. However, with the introduction of online voting any chance of a free vote is gone.

GUSTAFSON: Russian oil exports – are sanctions working?

Professor Thane Gustafson in Washington September 11, 2022

Six months after the beginning of the Russian invasion, the “Devil’s Dance” of Western sanctions and Russian oil exports and revenues has barely begun. The main contest still lies ahead.

IMF: How food and energy are driving the global inflation surge

Philip Barrett economist for the IMF September 11, 2022

Global inflation was generally moderating when the pandemic began, and the downward trend continued into the early months of the crisis. But surging prices since late 2020 have pushed inflation higher than in all of the last five years combined.

ING: Back to the 80s? What soaring inflation, US rate hikes and a stronger dollar mean for EM sovereign debt

James Wilson sovereign EM strategist at ING September 11, 2022

Soaring inflation, rate hikes and a stronger dollar are reminiscent of the early 1980s – a decade that brought a wave of EM sovereign debt crises. This year has already seen Sri Lanka default, hit by an external liquidity crisis.